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to grow food and farm skills, with diverse communities at the Veronda-Falletti Ranch in Cotati, California


to innovate the local food system with mixed agricultural and historical, in land management education, in the service of residents in Cotati, California.



In the fall of 2018, Farmster signed a 3-year license agreement with the City of Cotati to begin operations and stewardship at the Veronda-Falletti Ranch, but only after the devasting California wildfires emerged. The intrinsic need to combat climate change and encourage emergency preparedness

is needed now more than ever.

Meet The Team

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Dustin DeMatteo

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Dustin is a seasoned nonprofit program manager with experience in fundraising, operations management, and facilitation of leadership teams. For over 7 years, Dustin has nurtured his passion project, Farmster, as a volunteer while cultivating professional workforce development experience in notable sustainability focused nonprofits such as Daily Acts and the San Francisco Conservation Corps. As a passionate advocate for sustainability, local food production, and agricultural literacy, Dustin is always sowing the seeds of inspiration for the future generation of farmers, whom he warmly refers to as “Farmster”. Since 2018, Dustin has been the heart and soul of Farmster, and the primary volunteer operator of the Demonstration Farm at Veronda-Falletti Ranch in the heart of Downtown Cotati. 


Jeff Kelly

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Jeff is a finance and real estate professional with 10 years of experience working with homeowners, nonprofits, and small businesses. He started his career in retail banking, where he was exposed to a myriad homeowners and businesses seeking financing to upgrade their properties, facilities, and operations. He developed a deep passion for sustainable development and green technologies as a Sonoma State University student, a volunteer for nonprofits like Sustainable North Bay and US Green Building Council, and an employee of Sonoma County’s Energy and Sustainability Division. Then, while completing his Masters in Business Administration, Jeff joined a variety of nonprofit initiatives to begin advocating for alternative financing, small businesses development, affordable housing, and accessory dwelling units

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