The Veronda-Falletti Ranch

Located in the Heart N' Hub of Sonoma County honours the rich agricultural history of Cotati, California, serving the general public and visitors as a demonstration of of preservation, regeneration, and collaboration.


There have been recent improvements to the Veronda-Falletti Ranch including walkways, picnic tables, a water fountain, and interpretive signage about the agricultural heritage of the site. Livestock grazing and gardening on-site offer visitors a picturesque backdrop of open space and an opportunity to engage!
















The Origin of Farmster

Envisioned for students by students, a group of Sonoma State alumni came together to grow useful skills and share needed resources in Sonoma County for those interested in community farming and working with livestock. After early success in 2015 at SOMO Village in Rohnert Park, Farmster set their sights on identifying a new location to expand program offerings to the public. 


In the fall of 2018, Farmster signed a 3-year license agreement with the City of Cotati to begin operations and stewardship at the Veronda-Falletti Ranch, but only after the devasting California wildfires emerged. The intrinsic need to combat climate change and encourage emergency preparedness

is needed now more than ever. 


Farmster aims to educate communities about real-world solutions such as reduced food waste, plant-rich diets, and silvopasture management.