Life is not about accumulation, it is about contribution. 

Farmster's vision is simple, we aim to preserve the historical buildings and significance on-site and host community talks, tours, and workshops.
In order to fulfill this vision downtown Cotati ,
we need your support to fill up our lil' piggy bank!

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San Rafael, CA 94903
Phone Number: 415-472-0211

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Veronda-Falletti Ranch
COTATI, 94931, CA
September 2018-19


With your support, in one year Farmster would able to accomplish key benchmarks below and begin running core programs, such as tours, talk, and workshops.

Key Benchmarks

- Farmhouse & Water Tower Built to Code

- Large Barn Funded for Retrofit

- 10 Monthly Tours & Socials

- 4 Hands-on Workshops

- Activate Volunteer Program

- Produce Annual Report

- Host 2nd Annual Farmster Festival

- Recruit Board of Directors & Advisers

YEAR 1: 

September 2020-21


In order to become its' own non-profit with plenty of revenue-generating activities, we will need your help! A greenhouse and increased rainwater capture on-site will help us demonstrate climate-smart farming.


Key Benchmarks

- Chicken Shed Built to Code

- Greenhouse & Rain Cistern Installed

- Two Paid Staff Members

- Produce 3-Year Case Study

- Host 4th Annual Farmster Festival

- Fully Integrated Brand in Marketplace

- Increased Fruits & Vegetable Production

- Offer Tuition-based Internship Program

- Activate Docent-Volunteer Program


September 2019-20


In order to become fully operational, Farmster has committed to restoring the large barn and chicken shed on-site, as a dedication to the Veronda-Falletti family.

Key Benchmarks

- Large Barn Built to Code

- Chicken Shed Funded for Retrofit

- Begin Sales of Fruits, Nuts, & Vegetables

- Host Farm-to-Table Dinner

- Host 3rd Annual Farmster Festival

- Rain Storage & Harvesting Features

- Formalize Board of Directors & Advisers

YEAR 2: 

Farmster is a fiscally sponsored project of MarinLink, a California nonprofit corporation exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service #20-0879422.